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What is MemoryCo? Why does personalized content matter?

MemoryCo is a new and fun way for your loved ones to help keep their memories fresh. Our memory games use pictures, names, locations, and life events specific to each person! This means that your loved one can play games using pictures of their grandkids, photos of their old neighborhoods, and trivia questions from their lives. MemoryCo not only helps with recall of relevant information, but also strives to elongate independence. Our goal is to delay the onset or progression of memory problems in seniors ages 60 or older...while having fun and revisiting their past!

How does it work? What do I need to do to get started?

Once you join our platform, you simply upload pictures of family and friends to be incorporated as content into our games. You can upload picture from any device or pull them from your Facebook albums. Our personalized games include Card Matching/Concentration, Jigsaw Face Puzzle, Decades Trivia (based around their own interests, time period of their youth, home locations, etc.), and more.

What if I think this is amazing but my family member or loved one doesn't have a computer/tablet/way to use this? What if they are also 'technology reluctant'?

MemoryCo has 2 package options: one for folks who own their own computer or tablet and one that provides an 10" Senior Friendly Tablet. This means the tablet comes as simplified as possible: large text, large icons, and only a small number of programs/apps, including ours and a few selected others (we will work with you to determine which are important for your loved one. Our tablets also include an easy-to-use practice mode where you learn to touch correctly, zoom, and scroll, with a stylus pen.


Choose between monthly, quarterly or semi annual packages to unlock memory game access. You can also include a personalized senior-friendly tablet in your package.


Upload images of people, maps, or pictures from life events. Uploading is simple and easy- you can also easily integrate images from your own Facebook page!


Your loved one can now play fun memory games based around THEIR memories! Upload new pictures anytime from any device and track progress through our platform to track performance.

MemoryCo Team

  • Ali Titiz, PhD
  • CEO, Co-Founder
  • Carolyn Dunlavy
  • CFO, Co-Founder
  • Ali Hussein, MBA
  • Business Strategy Advisor
  • Gregory Holmes, MD
  • Clinical Studies
  • Dawn Eliashiv, MD
  • Clinical Studies
  • Fabien Scalzo, PhD
  • Machine Learning
  • Eren Bas
  • Platform Development
  • Yaman Terzioglu, MFA
  • Game Development

Links to Scientific Publications by Dr. Ali Titiz

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