Games Page

We made sure MemoryCo works for you and your residents! All our games are easy to use and can be projected to a TV to play as a group or individually on residents' own tablets--even if they are first-time users!

Activities Page

Looking for something more passive, even as a background for other activities like painting? Our Activities section packs even more fun with classic movies, music from different decades, easy-to-follow craft tutorials, a live virtual zoo, curated comedy clips, and more!

Increase Engagement With Personalized Content

Increase engagement and participation by personalizing our games and activities with content from your own community. Play fun games custom-made for seniors using personalized content while residents have more fun learning more about each other!

Self-Paced Group Games

You will be your residents' favorite person in the community with the best senior-focused interactive games on the internet! Play senior favorites individually or as a group. Help residents test their trivia knowledge and learn interesting facts!

Senior Favorites

Seniors love to do what they already know! Run your activities with popular and familiar memory games with senior-specific content optimized for both individual and group play!

Regular Updates

Any given day, you might find something completely new on your games page! We always have a TON of great ideas and we're always adding more!